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Birthdate:Jun 22
Location:New York, United States of America

hitomi_ kanzaki!
♥ love is in the hearts of all men ♥

About I'm Jen. "Hitomi" comes from the anime The Vision of Escaflowne. I want a new username but not sure what to make it yet. I'm an office grunt and voice actress. I am very passionate about animation of all kinds. The below are just favorites, I llike many other things!

voice over, acting, ocarinist, karaoke, cooking, taking care of my dog, doodling, warcraft, escaflowne merch collector, cel collector, renaissance faires, pop culture conventions

Favorite Animation
escaflowne, nana, utena, studio ghibli, bojack horseman, steven universe, disney

Favorite Video Games
zelda: oot, zelda: majora's mask, persona 4 the golden, parasite eve, life is strange, heavy rain, beyond two souls, the walking dead, world of warcraft

Favorite Music
x japan, yoko kanno, malice mizer, lindsey stirling, jazz covers, aurelio voltaire, nightwish,

Favorite Comics
nana, alias, scary book, mars,

Favorite Books
fairytales, the little mermaid, the snow queen, empress of the world by sara ryan, kafka on the shore by haruki murakami

If you want to learn more about me just ask! :).

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