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[Error: unknown template qotd]My Frieza (DBZ) costume was very good. Definitely got the best reactions wearing that. Then there's my older costume Young Link (Zelda). I met a lot of friends and significant other by wearing that costume! :)
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Really for my own purpose I want to list these. ;A; These are dresses I absolutely love and would love to own someday.

-Ragnarok ~Story of the Final Stage~ JSK
-Vampire Requiem JSK (Red)
-Maleficent JSK (purple) - Japan Only so this is probably impossible

-Angel of Music JSK (Black)
-Little Mermaid JSK

Krad Lanrete
-Lost in Sea JSK (dark blue)
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This post is public for easy viewing while out and about. I'd make something on my phone >_> but I hate typing on it. I might even screenshot it..err. I'm writing all the items I am looking for and their cheapest price on amazon. This way, I'm not making bad decisions and regretting I paid waaay too much for something. Obviously I'm not gonna buy EVERYTHING on the list at once because that's insanity LOL I figure I will use this for future conventions and trips to the city as well. I'm only listing items that are currently being released.

**Italicizing and underlining Priority Items**

Madoka Items:

-Banpresto Black Box Sayaka Miki - $50
-Banpresto Black Box Madoka Kaname - $60

-Cu-Poche Sayaka Miki - $40
-Cu-Poche Mami Tomoe - $45
-Cu-Poche Madoka Kaname - $53
-Cu-Poche Homura Akemi - $40 ***She comes out August so maybe someone will have her.
-Cu-Poche Kyoko **Not released yet

-Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka - $55

-Good Smile Company - Ultimate Madoka (Holding her hands, not holding arrows)- $100 **rare
-Good Smile Company Yukata Madoka Kaname - $60

-Figma Akuma Homura - Not released yet

-Wall Scroll GE Ultimate Madoka and group - $17 (GE60188 and can be purchased through AAA anime)


Anthy GEM - Not released yet, I'll more than likely pre-order her.

I'll probably get anything Utena if its priced fairly. I'm sure some of the new merch will be floating around especially at Anime Sekai


Princess knight Sapphire Figure by FuRyu - $35 (I remember seeing this in the city for that price, can't find it online)

Tiger and Bunny Karina Lyle Figure by Banpresto - Impossible to find, was originally $20
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finally beat bioshock 2

I stopped for a LOOONG time. My xbox broke so I couldn’t continue playing. True I got a new 360 I could have played…I dunno why I didn’t. I borrowed my boyfriend’s BioShock 2 for PS3 coz I’d rather have trophies than achievements. And it was great, I love bioshock so much. Made me remember how much I love and enjoy that game.

I spared Grace, Stanley and Gil..and rescued all of the little sisters. So I got the good ending. I..I actually cried at the end :( I felt awful I really wanted to see Eleanor…and you can really feel how much Eleanor wanted to see Delta, her father. And then…you didn’t, you died…I’m happy she made it out alive along with the sisters but it felt awful to think they couldn’t enjoy that moment together.

And oh my god when you get the Summon Big Sister plasmid…hearing her say “Its my turn to fight for you” and protecting you….ahhhh guys the feels. YOU are her protector but this time she can help fight together side by side.

I also felt awful about Sinclair >_< I felt a little unsure about him but I am glad they didn’t make him a bad guy, you know been there done that lol

I am still having mixed feelings about Bioshock Infinite but I will still play it, BioShock is one of my favorite game series.

Gaaah I got soo emotional when it came to her and Delta, I love it. :DDD
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x-cross post testingggg. It has my old journal name and won't let me change it. I changed the username of the journal a while's back so I hope it still works.
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anyone have? :D

Sorry for random posts, I just never know what to type in this journal :P
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YAYYYY NEW GAME ANNOUNCED. Lets hope it doesn't take as long as TP to come out..
And WTF still right handed I see..

Left4 Dead is fun, Fred let me play today. Scaryyyyy but a lot of fun :D I want to play moar ;_;

yay I've been with James for 11 months now :]

/random post
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I spent atleast five hours playing Fable just now...
My character is married at the homestead with a daughter named Zelda. Shit is it hard to please the man, I think a video game relationship is more difficult than a real one LOL

Since I have some new friends on here, I thought I'd fill out a survey so you can have an idea of what I'm like :]
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Argh I watched Click just now and it made me cry ;__; like pretty bad.
I'm off to hug my parents and my dog..
..maybe just my mom and dog for now, since Dad is sleeping XD
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Damn straight.
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Confession time~

**This entry is always on top. I like the idea of it, and it would be cool if people posted their confessions :D**

Anonymous commenting is ON. Leave me words. Something you've always wanted to tell me, something that has nothing to do with me, a confession, a secret, a story, whatever. Anonymous comments are suggested though not necessary if you're feeling brave enough. I'll probably reply to your comment. If you'd rather I don't, specify "don't reply" in the subject and we'll pretend it never happened. Just make sure whatever you tell me is true.
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I remember Jenn had once put quotes she could relate to in entries..I think I'm gonna do that here. You will notice a lot of them are alike. You will also notice a lot of them contradict the one before it, maybe.
Maybe you guys can figure out who said them :P coz I'm not putting the source down... But here are quotes that mean a lot to me. I'll be adding more each day.

edit: fucking thing, I added more to it, but then it just..cleared my page. I'm gonna randomly put the quotes in where I want to >_> I don't want the quotes with the same source near each other :3 I dunno why. Just coz.

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