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finally beat bioshock 2

I stopped for a LOOONG time. My xbox broke so I couldn’t continue playing. True I got a new 360 I could have played…I dunno why I didn’t. I borrowed my boyfriend’s BioShock 2 for PS3 coz I’d rather have trophies than achievements. And it was great, I love bioshock so much. Made me remember how much I love and enjoy that game.

I spared Grace, Stanley and Gil..and rescued all of the little sisters. So I got the good ending. I..I actually cried at the end :( I felt awful I really wanted to see Eleanor…and you can really feel how much Eleanor wanted to see Delta, her father. And then…you didn’t, you died…I’m happy she made it out alive along with the sisters but it felt awful to think they couldn’t enjoy that moment together.

And oh my god when you get the Summon Big Sister plasmid…hearing her say “Its my turn to fight for you” and protecting you….ahhhh guys the feels. YOU are her protector but this time she can help fight together side by side.

I also felt awful about Sinclair >_< I felt a little unsure about him but I am glad they didn’t make him a bad guy, you know been there done that lol

I am still having mixed feelings about Bioshock Infinite but I will still play it, BioShock is one of my favorite game series.

Gaaah I got soo emotional when it came to her and Delta, I love it. :DDD


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